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Ankara-Istanbul Algebraic Geometry & Number Theory Meetings

The Ankara-Istanbul Algebraic Geometry & Number Theory Meetings aim to bring together people working on algebraic geometry, number theory and related areas in Turkey. During each academic year, monthly meetings are planned in Ankara and Istanbul alternately (and possibly other cities in the future). We hope that these meetings will facilitate communication and collaboration among researchers in the field of algebraic geometry / number theory in Turkey.

Spring 2020

There are 3 meetings planned for the Spring 2020 semester. On each of the meetings there will be one talk in each of the following (non-overlapping) groups:

Lecture series 1: Introduction to Quivers and their Representations- Emre Coşkun (METU) (abstract)

Lecture series 2: The limit theories of generic polynomials and of generic curves (after Koiran, Chapuis, Poizat, Hrushovski, ... ) - Serge Randriambololona (Bilkent University)

Lecture series 3: Spectra of hyperbolic surfaces and connection with number theory - Yasemin Kara (Boğaziçi University)

Preliminary Schedule

28.03.2020 METU - Ankara - AGNT XXXVI

11.04.2020 IMBM - Istanbul - AGNT XXXVII

09.05.2020 IMBM - Istanbul - AGNT XXXVIII

Limited funding for students is available. We thank the Turkish Mathematical Society (TMD) and the MAD project for their support.

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For any questions or suggestions please contact Alp Bassa (alp.bassa (a) or Özgür Kişisel (akisisel (a)

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