Spring 2017

There are 3 meetings planned for the Spring 2017 semester. On each of the meetings there will be one talk in each of the following (non-overlapping) groups:

Lecture series 1: Real and Complex Line Arrangements - Hakan Güntürkün, Özgür Kişisel (details) (notes from the fırst meeting)

Lecture series 2: Toric ideals and Gröbner bases - Ayesha Qureshi, Anargyros Katsampekis (details) (slides, papers: [1], [2], [3], [4])

Lecture series 3: Diophantine Equations: A Modular Approach - Ekin Özman, Alp Bassa (details) (notes from the fırst meeting, picture of board)

Preliminary Schedule

04.03.2017 IMBM - Istanbul - AGNT XVIII - click here for details

09.04.2017 METU - Ankara - AGNT XIX - click here for details (exceptionally on a Sunday!)

06.05.2017 IMBM - Istanbul - AGNT XX - click here for details

Limited funding for students is available. We thank the Turkish Mathematical Society (TMD) and the MAD project for their support.

For any questions or suggestions please contact Alp Bassa (alp.bassa (a) or Özgür Kişisel (akisisel (a)

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