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Spring 2018

There are 3 meetings planned for the Spring 2018 semester. On each of the meetings there will be one talk in each of the following (non-overlapping) groups:

Lecture series 1: Derived Geometry and Physics - Kadri İlker Berktav (abstract)

Lecture series 2: Stochastic Kaehler Geometry - Turgay Bayraktar (abstract)

Lecture series 3: (Sparse) Elimination Theory - Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos

Preliminary Schedule

17.03.2018 METU - Ankara - AGNT XXIV (click here for details)

14.04.2018 IMBM - Istanbul - AGNT XXV (click here for details)

12.05.2018 IMBM - Istanbul - AGNT XXVI (click here for details)

Limited funding for students is available. We thank the Turkish Mathematical Society (TMD) and the MAD project for their support.

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