Design Leader / Thinker / Mentor / Speaker. Industrial Designer turned Interaction Designer. Currently leading product and managing design teams at Microsoft in Berlin. Previously at Foursquare in New York. Proud Parsons alumni. Ex-Brooklyner. Mentor for several startups across the globe. Heart somewhere between New York, Istanbul, and Berlin.

I strive to explore best practices to build effective teams and thoughtful company cultures that empower people. I believe in design, code, and critical thinking; and how they transform into experiences that make a meaningful impact on human life.

I obsess over design thinking, creative process, and the power of design as social change. On the side, I spend my time working on community-based products, tools, and services that awake social consciousness. I help nonprofits, social good organizations, and communities craft their narrative and provide creative strategy.

I also deeply care about diversity in tech and I organize events as a part of XX+UX - a community for women in user experience design. I am always up for a chat if you share the same passion and want to host an event.

When I am not working, I travel/take photos/paint/experiment with creative writing.

Check out my work here.

Recent Conferences:
UX Alive - Istanbul, 2016
UX South Africa - Johannesburg, 2016
Design Matters - Copenhagen, 2016
Amuse UX - Budapest, 2016
Design It, Build It - Edinburgh, 2017
UX Alive - Berlin, 2017
UX New Zealand - Wellington, 2017


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