Türkçe C. Can Aydıner, Ph. D.


C. Can Aydıner, Ph. D.

Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Bogazici University

Bebek 34342

Istanbul, Turkey
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Deformation heterogeneity at the granular scale in deformation-twinning Magnesium measured in the Mechanics of Advanced Materials Laboratory. Details in [ijplas2014].

On research

Dr. Aydıner's chief interest is in multiscale studies of mechanical behavior of materials. His work particularly specializes on in situ deformation measurement at the granular scale via diffraction or real space techniques and accompanying microscale models. Studying materials at fundamental scales of deformation allows for models that can factor in microstructure--unlike classical macroscopic approaches that have to rely on experimental data for any microstructural variation. As such, this approach enables another level of predictive capability and potentially allows microsture optimization. At Bogaziçi University, Mechanical Engineering Dept., Dr. Aydıner co-directs the Advanced Mechanics of Materials Laboratory. For further research interests of Dr. Aydıner and details of each topic, see under the "Research" tab.

On teaching

Dr. Aydıner teaches a broad range of graduate and undergraduate classes on solid mechanics with applied and theoretical focus, covering topics from crystal defect mechanics to the finite element method. For details, some material and philosophy, see under the "Teaching" tab.

Graduate positions

Always interested in self-motivated graduate students pursuing M.S. and particularly Ph. D. degrees. Contact Dr. Aydıner for current projects and possibility of funding.

Research opportunities for undergraduates

Curious and self-motivated undergraduate students at Bogaziçi University are very welcome to ask for temporary positions in the laboratory.