Current Teaching

I will be teaching MATH202(Differential Equations) in Fall 2018.

See Moodle and/or math departments web page for mass courses MATH101,102,210 and 202.

Previous Teaching

Group Theory

Galois Theory

Elementary Number Theory-Inquiry Based Learning (IBL)

Elementary Number Theory

Discrete Mathematics

Elementary Algebraic Geometry

Integral Calculus for Science

Graduate Algebra 1

Graduate Algebra 2

Algebraic Number Theory

Projective Geometry

Elliptic Curves


Erman Işık, MSc, expected 2019

Tuğçe Koç, MSc, expected 2019

Harun Kır, MSc, expected 2019

Eda Kırımlı, MSc, expected 2018

İlkiz Bildik, MSc 2017, PhD student at UGA, Athens

Kübra Kaytancı, MSc 2017, PhD student at IAM-METU, cryptography

Post-doctoral Researchers

Yasemin Kara, PhD 2015, Cornell University